Forth Valley Junior League

What is it?

The Forth Valley Junior League (FVJL) is an annual junior swimming league and is a great introduction to competitive swimming. It is a team competition with swimmers competing in a variety of team relays and individual events. The gala has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is an excellent opportunity for new and inexperienced swimmers to try out competitions for the first time.

The FVJL takes place between the 12 member clubs, from across the Forth Valley, and consists of 6 heats held throughout the year. Each of the heats is held at Xcite, Bathgate and has two sessions on the same day (always a Sunday) with 6 clubs taking part in each session. Points are won at each heat and will determine the clubs placing in finals in December with the top 6 clubs competing in the A final and the other 6 clubs in the B final. Each of the member clubs has to host/run one of the 12 sessions throughout the year.

What's involved?

Each heat consists of a number of individual swims, covering butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, over 25m or 50m in one of 3 age groups (9 years & under, 10-11 years and 12 year & over). As well as the individual swims there are a number relay events over 100m, 150m & 200m. There squadron relays at the end where the relay team is made up of swimmers from each age group.

All the swims are time-banded such that swimmers who swim within the time band gain points for their team and swimmers who swim ‘too fast’ lose points. The time-banding aspect allows the opportunity for all swimmers to take part in the FVJL and not just the fastest swimmers in an age group.

When is it?

The heats usually take place in February, March, June, August, September and November with the finals in December. The dates and times for all the FVJL heats and final can be found in the Meet calender.

Who gets to go?

The Developers Coach is responsible for picking the team ahead of the heats. Once the team is picked an email is sent out inviting the swimmers to attend the FVJL heat. The majority of the team can be expected to be picked from the Developer and Bronze squads with some addition support from the remaining squads. The FVJL is open to swimmers of all ages but there will come a point when swimmers become too fast to compete as they progress through the squads.

How much will it cost?

Taking part in the FVJL is free of charge as it is a team event and all the costs are covered by the club.

What should I bring?

When you have been picked for the team please remember to bring:

  • Appropriate swimwear
  • Goggles
  • 2 Towels
  • Falkirk Otter pool top
  • Falkirk Otter cap
  • Drink of water or diluting juice (no fizzy drinks)
  • Snack (no chocolate)

All participating swimmers will be given juice and crisps at the end of every session which is provided by the host club.

FVJL Rounds 2019

Date Start time
17 February 2019 16:25
24 March 2019 16:25
16 June 2019 16:25
18 August 2019 16:25
15 September 2019 14:10
17 November 2019 14:10