The Committee engages swimming coaches on a self- employed and voluntary basis. We are very lucky to have a great team of coaches in the club, many of whom are former swimmers with Falkirk Otter as well as parents of current or past swimmers.

Gary Vandermuelen Head Coach
Steven Binnie Coach - Gold/Performance
Colin Fawkes Coach - Silver
Ruth Jack Coach - Bronze
Colin Boyd Coach - Bronze
Eleanor McGlashan Coach - Developers
Eric Adams Coach - Developers
Erin Lawson Coach - Developers
Elaine Lothian Coach - Developers
Chris Byrne Coach - Developers
Jill Campbell Coach - Developers
Aileen MacKenzie Coach - Developers
Gareth Struthers Coach - Developers
Holly Newlands Coaching Assistant
Ryan Ferguson Coaching Assistant
Darcey Adam Coaching Assistant
Jerry Differ Coaching Assistant